Using Sex For A Promotion

It’s a well-known fact that both men and women like to make sexual advances in the workplace in order to achieve promotion. While it may be against the rules and is deemed to be unacceptable, attractive individuals know that they can often get exactly what they want by using their bodies. Determined women will go to any length to move up the ladder, and it’s often considered to be one of the most thrilling sexual activities that two adults can have together.

The risk involved in such a sexual advance is immense, since if the plan fails the woman could see herself fired from the job. In addition, if the man is married, he would be cheating on his wife by having sex with an employee. However, when lust and desire takes over, these problems pale into insignificance and both parties usually perceive the activity as a risk worth taking. After all, if both can bring pleasure and satisfaction to each other then what is the problem?

A woman may initially hide her intentions about promotion when she begins to chat up her boss. Firstly, she wants to make him weak and compliant to her advances, as this will make it easier for her to get what she wants. She may decide to flirt with her boss or dress more sexily to capture his attention. Whatever she chooses to do, it’s important to remember that foreplay and teasing is the essential first step.

After the two begin to get to know each other on a more personal level, the woman can then start to become more hands on. Perhaps she may brush his cock when the two pass each other in the office, or maybe she will flash him some of her naked body. When it comes to the sex, the encounter is likely to be full on as the lady will look to give as much satisfaction as possible to get what she wants from her boss.

While the boss is likely to know what she wants, the woman herself may not even have to mention that she wants the promotion until way down the road. She could choose to wait until the man is at his weakest – when he is on the point of orgasm for example – before asking, since this is when he is most likely to be at his weakest, and complicit to her demands. Ultimately, the boss may also capitalize on the sexual advances that his employee wants by offering her perks and bonuses to have sex with him.

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